Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hi fellow dog run users. I have created this blog until a new website can be established, or if this works out, just keep this as a means of communicating.

About two years ago, the run was in danger of being closed because of many complaints received by our community board from nearby residents and other users of Theodore Roosevelt Park.
I stepped forward to intercede since no one else was interested and tried to create a unified dog run group as required by the Parks Dept. Committees were established to accomplish a variety of positive things for the run, but unfortunately, those that volunteered (except for two people) did not follow thru due to personal life events and some things were left hanging such as fund raising and web site development. The Parks Dept. gave us the run, but it must be maintained by a volunteer group and self policed and funded for improvements.

There are many new faces and dogs using our run, and I am asking those individuals who would like to volunteer their time and talents to making the run a better place to contact me. Your input would be most welcome.

I would like to remind our dog run users of a few park rules which have been ignored lately. First of all, since TRP has a dog run, the park rule is that no off leash is allowed at any time outside of the run, even if the dog run is locked up. You are welcome to use Central Park in designated areas for off leash from 9P-1A and from daybreak to 9A. Secondly, there has been a rash of violaters using the surrounding lawns for a dog run, especially at night. No dogs are allowed on the lawns at any time. If any of you are caught by PEP (Parks Enforcement Police) breaking either of these rules, you will be subject to a fine that will cost you $100 or more. Please respect park property and the fences around the lawns....why do you think they were installed? A lot of money was spent on shrubs and flowers this year for the lawns and gardens. We do not need to look bad in the eyes of the community by having our dogs romp through them.

Look for the dog run clean-up day event that will be posted shortly. Grab a shovel or rake and participate. The pea gravel (what's left of it) needs to be redistributed throughout the run. You may have noticed the recent addition of zeolite which was provided by the Parks Dept. free of charge to help remedy the lingering "lake" situation. Since we had not raised funds in the past to buy material for a new surface, I found this to be the most practical solution to our problem. It has been given a "paw up" by our dogs and seems to have been well received by their owners as well.

If you want to be added to my e-mail list, and /or volunteer, please contact me at Please provide your name, e-mail address, phone # and name of your dog(s) and which breed type they are. The address for this blog can be found here on the web...

Norm Naval
President, Bull Moose Dog Run Association


  1. I was at the park today. It's lovely. I did want to mention that there was a very aggressive couple trying to kick other people out of the park when they did not like other people's dog's behavior, such as some neutered dogs who were humping, etc. The were very angry and mean and it made everyone around the two feel pretty uncomfortable. They even kicked another couple and their dog out of the park. It was creepy.

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  3. The managers at this dog run have gone too far. One in particular that owns a white golden and a small mutt she dresses up in clown clothing in winter. She is abusive, not knowledgeable about the canine breed, and dictates the water rights, the plastic bag rights, and the behavior of the dogs all the while her Golden humps everything that moves. Please get rid of this woman. A dog run should be fun. As a former Sierra Club member with experience raising wolves and coyotes (not to mention Raccoons and Ocelotes) I am fed up with hearing advice from a novice. Please bring some order to this run and find qualified people to run it.